LinkShare操作记录 · 2018年8月18日


Dear Michael,

Rakuten Marketing is currently investigating your account and would like to get a sense of how you are promoting our advertisers. Please respond to the following inquiries regarding your online business activity:

How do you drive your traffic for our Network Advertisers?

What promotional methods are used to advertise our Network Advertisers?

Do you advertise through Paid Search? Please provide examples of keywords and screenshots so that we can evaluate your search ad placements.

If you only drive traffic via natural search, can you provide examples of the keywords and screenshots?

Do you use Contextual Ad Networks and direct media buys? If so please provide specific information about your relationship with these networks and how they deliver the traffic.

Do you use Social Networking to promote your affiliate links? If so please provide links, so we can evaluate it.

Do you use Email Campaigns?

How do you build your email list of subscribers?

Can you please provide us with a link where we can subscribe to your email list?

In addition, can you please provide 2-3 examples of email newsletters you have sent out?

Do you use software to promote your affiliate links? If so, please provide detailed information about the software and method of distribution.

Also, please provide a description of any online channels or activities you undertake to promote Rakuten Marketing Advertiser Partners which would allow us to evaluate how you are generating referral traffic. If there is any other information about you or your business that would help us evaluate your account please let us know.

We are awaiting your response.